INNOVA Health Renewal Center is the first location in the state of Alaska to offer ECP Therapy.
Studies show that up to 80% of patients that undergo ECP report significant improvement after receiving a full course of therapy.
ECP therapy helps people live with a greater quality of life


External Counterpulsation Therapy

External Counterpulsation Therapy (ECP, also known as EECP) is a non-invasive procedure performed on individuals with angina, heart failure or cardiomyopathy in order to diminish symptoms and improve overall quality of life. ECP is also effective in helping boost athletic performance.

How does ECP work?

about ecpThere are a series of air pressure cuffs that are placed on the legs, these air pressure cuffs gently inflate and deflate the blood vessels in the lower limbs to increase blood flow to the heart by creating a strong counterpulse. The counterpulse is timed to the heartbeat, so that the increased blood flow and freshly oxygenated blood is delivered to the myocardium, or heart muscle, at the exact moment the heart is relaxing. The external counterpulse also increases preload, or the volume of venous (used) blood flow that is returned to the heart. This helps to increase the amount of blood circulated through the cardiovascular system each minute. The combined effects of external counterpulsation help to increase myocardial perfusion, or the amount of oxygen absorbed by the heart muscle and perfusion of other vital organs. This in turn helps reduce or eliminate patient’s symptoms. Once the air pressure cuffs release, blood surges back in the areas of compression. This helps reduce afterload (systematic vascular resistance). Systolic pressure usually drops further at this point, reducing the amount of work needed for the heart. Clinical studies show that this increases myocardial perfusion and stimulates the development of collateral vessels. Collateral vessels are what allow oxygenated blood to naturally bypass blockages and feed ischemic, or areas of the heart that are in need of blood.

About INNOVA Health Renewal Center

INNOVA Health Renewal Center will be managed initially by the founder Gerd Stanszus. He started this business out of concern for his own deteriorating heart condition and that of many other Alaskans with similar problems who have been deprived of a viable solution. ECP Therapy was an obvious God send, it was the solution he and fellow Alaskans have been missing. After three heart attacks and a quadruple bypass, Gerd underwent ECP Therapy and now enjoys a better quality of life with much more energy. This energy has led Gerd to invest and bring this much-needed solution to Alaskans for a healthier and better life.

Gerd was researching new and inventive ways to handle health concerns that faced those who sought help, trying to find solutions that people needed. He really prides himself in finding was to heal the body, soul and spirit – not of just the symptoms.

Helping people live with a greater quality of life is something that is important to Gerd. Realizing that Alaska didn’t have much to offer in the way of choice – he knew that if he could get people to see that there were options, he would get them through his doors. Education is key for those in medical dilemmas. Realizing that they can seek treatment without going under the knife, and having some place to come to for answers to the questions they may have after doing their own research is what Innova Health Renewal Center is here for. Education. Treatment. Life.